Friday, December 8, 2006

Ride in my Muscle Car

The Girl Talk show I previously mentioned was pretty wild. The RoShamBo thang is totally taking off as Bar Broadway was the rammest I've ever seen! (1 out of 3 times aint bad, y'all)

Girl Talk came on just after 11pm.. decked out in his trademark 'I'm Not a DJ' tshirt and stealin' A-Trak's 'Sunglasses Is A Must' steez. But as the party heated up, the sunnies flew off, the tshirt was being held between his teeth as he fiddled with the laptop and when he jumped up on the table for a boogie, some randy ladies pulled his pants down. He opened with Beyonce's 'Ring The Alarm' (over something). There was Three 6 Mafia, Nirvana, Kelis, CeCe Peniston, Tone Loc, Suzanne Vega, T.I, JT, Elton John, The theme from Dawson's Creek.. like, what didnt he have!

But what this post is really about, is the warmup dude. He goes by the name of Muscles and he's from Melbourne. I honestly had no idea who he was and was suprised that there were people who
went to specifically see him (GirlTalk being the bonus). Al and I were just sitting on the sofas, minding our own bidniss when he started and I think I totally had a bewildered look on my face. "Is this guy for real?" And then the stage went dark for a few seconds aaand theeen.. he turned on the christmas fairy lights (that were wrapped around his head). "If theres one guy you see this season with Christmas lights on.. that guy has got to be Muscles." He was screaming, he was singing, he was techno, he was pop.. and he yelled out "Woooooooo!" a lot. He was like a band and crowd all in one. Al liked to refer to him as the 'Snakes on a Plane' of music (with shock distaste from another punter). It was craptacular and I was enthralled.

He had songs called 'Richard My Friend', 'Lauren From Glebe' and 'Muscles, I Love You'.. but I liked 'Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime' with charming lyrics like "I wish that I could keep you in my pocket.. so I could play with you all the time. Wrap you up in a little blanket.. Chocolate, raspberry, lemon and lime.. coz you're mine" which has gotta make a girl smile.

Hear for yourself.
Check out Muscle Music Myspeez with news and downloadable snippets

He's listed to be playing in Sydney again over Summer.. Sydney Festival looks like fun!


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